Diverse backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives inform meaning and metrics.

Principal Investigator



Photo of Maria Glymour

Maria Glymour, ScD, MS



Research Data Scientists


Peter Buto, MPH

Minhyuk Choi

Scott Zimmerman


Pre-Doctoral Students


Kristina Dang, MPH





Shelley DeVost, MPH

Chloe Eng, MSPH


Erin Ferguson, MPH

Sirena Gutierrez, MPH




Erika Meza, MPH

Mary Thoma, MPH

Jingxuan Wang, MPhil.

Whitney Wells, MSc


Postdoctoral Scholars



Photo of Sarah Ackley

Sarah Ackley, PhD

Photo of Ruijia Chen

Ruijia Chen, ScD

Photo of Dakota Cintron

Dakota Cintron, PhD



Photo of Tanish Hill-Jarrett

Tanisha Hill-Jarrett, PhD

Min-Hee Kim, PhD


Pic of Kendra

Kendra Sims, PhD


Photo of Marilyn Thomas

Marilyn Thomas, PhD






A photo of Kate Duchowny

Kate Duchowny, PhD, MPH

Photo of Ellicott Matthay

Ellicott C. Matthay, PhD

Photo of Elizabeth Rose Mayeda

Elizabeth Rose Mayeda, PhD, MPH


Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen, ScD, MSPH

Photo of Monica Ospino-Romero

Monica Ospina-Romero, MD, MAS

Photo of Alicia Riley

Alicia Riley, PhD


A photo of Anusha Vable

Anusha Vable, ScD, MPH